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Keeping your eyebrows perfectly arched is a challenge that most well-groomed adults have mastered by trial and error over the years. At some point in your grooming journey, you would surely have acquired a pair or two of tweezers that have become an essential part of your grooming kit. But have you ever paid attention to what type you currently own and what type could probably give you better results? It would seem like the most common slant tip style of tweezers can do the job for you as well as any other. But it would be helpful to understand the different types of tips and handles and what exactly they do so that you can make a more informed choice the next time you need to replace your tweezers. Did you know that there are many different types of tips you can choose from? Depending on the exact purpose you put your tweezers to work on and how steady your hands are, you could probably get a better result with a tip different from the one you currently own. Read on to find out the different types of tweezers and which one would be perfect for you!

Top Tweezers Reviews

Best Slant Tweezers: TweezerGuru Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer

Slant Tweezers – TweezerGuru Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer – The Best Precision Eyebrow Tweezers For Your Daily Beauty Routine!

Quick take: Slant and more.

The slant tip are the most ubiquitous type of tweezers that people own. The blade or the tip of the these tweezers are cut at an angle as the name suggests. The edges of these tweezers are great for holding hair while the pointed tip is great for precision plucking. You can use the longer or the shorter edge for plucking, depending on your own comfort factor. The longer edge will grab more hairs at once while the shorter edge can be used to target those stubborn lone or short strands or unsightly ingrown hairs. These tweezers can also be used for tasks like applying false eyelashes and even to place tiny stones or other accessories for nail art. If you are only the beginning of your grooming journey, slant tip tweezers are a great place to start for how versatile they can be and the ease of using them. It can also make a great gift for a youngster learning the ropes to sharp arches and clear skin. The Tweezer Guru Professional Slant Tip Tweezer is the best buy in this category. It is a stainless steel precision tweezer that you can add to your beauty kit for a very cheap price.

Best Eyebrows Tweezers: NUOLUX Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezer

NUOLUX Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezer (Silver)

Quick take: Your eyebrows deserve it.

If you need better hold on your tweezers but with the comfort of the tried and tested slant tip, you could try the Nuolux Stainless Steel Eyebrow tweezer that has a scissor shaped handle. It gives you all the benefits of the slant tip but with more control of the tweezer if you suffer from unsteady hands. Precision jobs like perfecting your arches need precision tools that you can control and the Nuolux is a very handy tool for that. It’s stainless steel, silver colored body is easy to clean and disinfect, and it helps not only with taking care of stray strands of stubborn hair but is particularly helpful to deal with ingrown hair. They can grab the smallest of hairs too since you can safely maneuver these tweezers with the wide handles. The design is meant to ensure the best grip and hold with hinges that stay firm and steady. At a luring price these are a great addition to your grooming kit. Though essentially a grooming accessory, the handy shape of these tweezers makes them a great tool in craft too!

Best Pointed Tweezers: TweezerGuru precision pointed tweezer

Tweezers for Ingrown Hair by TweezerGuru – Best Stainless Steel Professional Pointed Blackhead Remover – Precision Eyebrow, Splinter & Tick Removal Tweezer

Quick take: For Ingrown hair or extra precision.

As indicated by the name, point tip tweezers have long and sharp edges. Point tip tweezers can be intimidating for people who don’t have really steady hands but these are a great tool for an advanced level of grooming. Because of the thin tips, it is easier to see the area that you are working on. They can target the thinnest or shortest of hairs and these are specifically useful in taking care of ingrown hairs. They are also very handy in tackling splinters that may have gone deep into the skin. These tweezers are a must have accessory for those into nail art as they can help place the smallest of rhinestones or decals. However these are not recommended for beginners and can prove dangerous if you are not used to handling them. The TweezerGuru Professional Stainless Steel pointed edge tweezers with their perfectly aligned tips are presented as a blackhead, splinter and tick removal device in addition to the basic grooming tasks like defining eyebrows. For the dedicated veterans of grooming, this precision tool with needle like edges is a beauty must-have.

Best Sharp Tweezers: Zizzili Sharp Stainless steel Tweezers


Tweezers – Surgical Grade Stainless Steel – Slant Tip for Expert Eyebrow Shaping and Facial Hair Removal – with Bonus Protective Pouch – Best Tool for Men and Women (Silver)

Quick take: Trim from the root.

Taking a step forward from merely being a beauty tool, the Zizzili Basics Slant Tipped tweezer is made of surgical steel stainless steel for the most efficient and precise grooming of brows and facial hair. It is a cost effective salon grade tweezer that is designed to retain sharpness and alignment so you get the most consistent results each time. They are also acid proof and rust-proof and have calibrated arm tension besides sporting an ergonomic design. It stands at a handy 3.5” and is a valuable addition to both men’s and women’s grooming kits. It takes care of the normal issues associated with tweezers like ‘hair breaking’ and ‘strands slipping through’ so your tweezing needs are consistently taken care of every single time. All this comes to you at an affordable price and these tweezers come in their own handy pouch so that they are clean, sharp and travel-friendly all the time. Bonus protective tip guards keep the tips from getting dull and misaligned. Since this tweezer comes in hypoallergenic surgical grade stainless steel, they can even be used on the most sensitive skin. These tweezers are an affordable and sensible buy for yourself or your partner!

Best Curved Tweezers: Multipurpose Curved Tweezers


Tweezier | Heavy Duty 6.3 Inches Stainless Steel Tweezers with Curved Tips and Comfortable Ridge Handle for Cooking Crafting Electronic Repair Medical General Purpose | Silver | 720.6

Quick take: From cooking, to micro electronics and precision beauty – it can handle all.

Curved tweezers are not really meant as a beauty tool – it would be difficult to tackle strays or sharpen the curve of your eyebrows with these. Curved tweezers are in fact craft tools that are designed to place small objects where desired. In your beauty kit however, they can be great for use in nail art as they give fantastic control over the tiniest of rhinestones and decals. They can also be put to use in placing your false eyelashes. Their most appropriate use however is in jewelry crafting. They are meant to hold, place, twist, shape or cut and the sharp edges are fantastic for precision oriented tasks. They are a great tool and cheap to possess and can multi task in a beauty emergency as well. If you have very steady hands and are used to working with pointed tip tweezers, you can easily use this to tackle single stray strands in your eyebrows and even to remove blackheads. There are people who swear by the curved shape and needle edge to really sharpen and define brows as they give great control and visibility.

Best Angled Tweezers: Revlon Stainless Steel Multipurpose Tweezer


Revlon Slant Tip Tweezer 1 Ea

Quick take: You can’t go wrong with Revlon.

These compact precision aligned tweezers from Revlon come with textured handles for a really good grip. The slanted tips are designed at an optimal angle that allow you to tackle a wide range of tweezing needs. The pads comfortably grip fine hairs without cutting and give you great visibility too. The Revlon Stainless Steel Multi-purpose Tweezer 1 ea is a handy tool to define and groom brows and also tackle other facial or body hair. These are basic tweezers that get the job done comfortably, whether you are seeking to groom your eyebrows or take care of ingrown hair. The compact design also makes it a great travel accessory. Add this to your beauty kit as an on-the-go tool that will deliver quick and easy results. At its very affordable price range, it can help you survive the heart aches of having to dispose your tweezers quickly in an airport scenario as well.

Which Tweezers is Perfect for You

Your preferred method of grooming your eye brows may vary from threading to waxing but we all have those emergencies when you need to look your absolute best and you see a pesky strand of hair peeking out of your eyebrows or popped up overnight on your chin. Which is why we need to add tweezers to our beauty armory. You may be an expert at tackling facial hair emergencies at home or you may be the kind who finds it a very daunting task. Either way, the right pair of tweezers can give you quick and easy results. There are different types of tweezers that you can employ in your quest for the perfectly groomed look. The most commonly used type is the slant tip tweezer that is great for brow grooming as well as getting rid of unwanted facial or body hair. It gives good grip and is great for precision plucking as well. The pointed tip is for experienced users and can be used on blackheads and splinters as well but this can cause hurt if used by inexperienced hands and is recommended only for more veteran users. If you have unsteady hands you can also choose from wide handles including scissor shaped ones.

Buying Guide For Tweezers

Precision tweezers can guarantee you a smoother skin while taking care of pesky eyebrows, unseemly facial hair and stubborn ingrowths. These make your daily beauty routine far less frustrating and give you confidence to start your day looking your best groomed self. Misaligned edges, wobbly grips and dull edges that seem to never get a good grip on hair or allow you to see how much you have gathered are frustrating tools for time-starved people on the move. That is why it is advisable to spend a few minutes going through the reviews before choosing the tweezer or tweezers that is best suited to your needs.

Also, we’ve made a special guide with tips on Tweezers maintenance, so you could pluck and pluck for years.

What Are The Best Brands Making Tweezers??

There are any number of brands of tweezers available in all shapes and materials. A favorite of grooming experts seems to be the Tweezerman range of tweezers. They figure prominently in many reviews and are available in every possible shape and size and at many different price points too. Another brand which figures prominently in ‘top 10 lists’ and expert reviews is the Anastasia Beverly Hills range of tweezers which are on the higher end of the price category. Prominent beauty brands like Bobbi Brown, Sephora and Revlon also have their tweezer range in place and these are more commonly used for home purposes by discerning customers. Benefit Cosmetics recently launched an entire range of brow products with the innovative twist of adding a brush to the tweezer making it more versatile and handy for quick grooming without emptying out the contents of your beauty kit. In the range of tweezers features above, TweezerGuru figures prominently as offering great quality for affordable prices.

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